Apple Cider Vinegar For Dogs – Benefits And How To Use It

Apple cider Vinegar is a solution produced from the fermentation process of apple cider. It is a truly good medicine to treat some of the main problems you see in animals. It is used for the treatment of many problems found on cats. But It is also effective for treatment of some common dog problems we face. In this article, you will get a major idea about main benefits of using apple cider vinegar for dogs.

We will mainly discuss following topics

  • Main Benefits of using Apple cider vinegar in dogs
  • How to make organic apple cider Vinegar?
  • Dosage of apple cider vinegar to feed dogs
  • Where to buy Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Side effects and precautions to take before using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs


Main Benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar in Dogs

So before knowing what are main benefits of apple cider vinegar in dogs, You have to know what exactly is apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is a solution or a type of vinegar which is made from apples or peals of apple.  We use fermentation process for preparing the apple cider vinegar solution. Because the extract which is made naturally It has lots of antibacterial as well as antifungal properties. As a result, of it when applied or fed to dogs, It will help to increase the immune system and also destroys fleas and ticks from its body. It is also used for improving the functioning of kidneys, bladders etc. Now let us move and discuss major benefits when used in dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar helps in digestion: – As told in earlier part, Apple cider vinegar in mainly made by the process of fermentation and It has a ph level of 4.25 to 5. Once it is consumed it will react with acids present in the stomach which may cause digestion problems and make it alkaline nature, And it helps in proper digestion. As you know proper digestion is a need for the good health of a dog.

Helps in Purifying Internal Organs: – Apple cider vinegar is one of the best detoxifying and purifying agents, and this helps in purifying the internal organs such as kidney, bladder and liver which make it healthier and more functional. It’s mainly used for kidney and bladder treatments as feeding the vinegar can help break down small crystals that may cause the urinary infection.

Apple cider Vinegar for Arthritis: – Arthritis in dogs is mainly caused due to small calcium deposits in joints when your dog gets older. These deposits can cause your discomfort in moving and also stiffness mainly when it gets older. By regular feeding, it helps to break down these calcium deposits and make it stronger and flexible. It can also reduce the pain caused by it.

As a flea repellant and for Itchy Skin: – Fleas are the most awkward thing your dogs face in their daily life. Fleas can reside in your dogs coat and fur which causes itching and also other skin problems. Apple cider vinegar is when fed makes the blood slightly acidic. This acidity is not much likened by fleas and will keep them away from dogs skin. It will make the skin healthy and reduce itching in dogs.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dog Diarrhea: – Upset Tummies/Dog diarrhea is mainly caused by viral and bacterial infections in stomach cause by food or some poisonous substance. Sometimes the presence of blood in the stool can cause owners little concern over their pets. Apple cider vinegar is a solution of these problems, it helps to maintain acidity and helps to reduce upset tummies.

For tooth decay in Dogs: – Tooth decay as you know mainly caused by the formation of Plaque and tartar in the tooth due to excessive eating of acidic foods and without proper cleaning. Apple cider vinegar once used will break down these plaques and tartar and helps to maintain good health for you dog teeth. It acts a cleansing agent with its acidic properties.

Use for preventing Ear Infection: – Ear infection is another major problem faced by dog owners. If not properly treated it may get worse. Apple cider vinegar is used for it. Its alkaline nature can maintain the PH levels in the ear and also clean the ear. Gently soak a cotton and apply it to ear and gently massage the base. The debris will be cleaned out and ears will clean afterwards.

For avoiding Tear Stains and Allergies: – You might have seen some tear stains coming out of your dogs from eyes. Normally we just wash it away and it will again after some hours. It looks very bad for some dogs. By feeding ACV to your dogs can also reduce the tear stains and also allergies caused by it.

How to make Organics Apple Cider Vinegar?

If you want to make apple cider vinegar Its very quick and easy and can be made from things you regularly have in you house. Main ingredients required for making apple cider vinegar extract are naturally grown apples, two glass bowls  one a small one and a large one for latter step, some oil papers to cover the bowls. The first step is to slice the apples into smaller pieces and make them exposed to air. When it is brown in colour, Put the apples in a bowl and fill with water, then cover the bowl with oil paper or a cheese paper and place it in warm and dark place for around 5-6 months.
After the time period remove the oil paper or cheese paper, You can see a residue on the surface of the liquid. Drain it using a filter and pour it into larger bowl. Repeat the process. Cover the larger bowl with a cheese paper and place it for 5-6 weeks. After 5-6 weeks Take the bowl and you can see brown coloured liquid which is the apple cider vinegar you made. Use it with the dosages mentioned below to your dogs.

Dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar to feed dogs

For Treatment of Arthritis:- –As we said earlier ACV essentially helps for treatment in Muscle strains as well as Joint Pains. Take 2 cups of Organic Apple cider Vinegar, 1 teaspoon of Chilli Pepper, 4 teas spoons of Rosemary and 2 teaspoons of comfrey leaves which are dried. Combine all these ingredients in a jar. Place the jar with the mixture in warm place for a month and using a cloth strain the liquid to another jar. Before the use shake well and apply to the strained muscle of painful joints.

For Treatment of Skin Dilemmas: – For skin problems, you have to mix the apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water and apply it after washing your dogs. Please make sure to use a towel for draining your dog. For avoiding the allergies in paws of you dogs, soak the dog paws in apple cider vinegar for sometimes, it will help to treat allergies in dog paws. For avoiding the dandruff Apply apple Cider vinegar to hair and massage well and then shampoo it. For small problems like sunburn, abrasions etc Apply apple cider vinegar in those affected areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar as Spray: – Apple Cider Vinegar spray can be also used for repelling fleas, skin infections etc. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in 50:50 ratio and fill into the spray bottle and spray into dogs skin. Allow it to dry, then comb with a brush to get rid of dead fleas or weeds in the skin. Make sure you wash dog before applying it to the skin. It will help to prevent future skin problems also. If you are taking your dog outside for a walk, you can also spray vinegar at that time.

Apple cider vinegar for Kidneys, Diarrhea Livers etc: – For avoiding the inner organs apple cider vinegar is given as 1 teaspoon dosage. Feed your dog with 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar for 15 lbs weight of body daily. Kidney stones can be avoided with properties of alkaline nature of Apple cider vinegar. Normally when kidney stones are there the PH level will be highly acidic. Once we feed Apple cider vinegar it will help to break down small crystal stones and balance the PH levels. It also helps to prevent dog diarrhea by reacting with bacteria intestine and provides good immunity.

For daily feeding: – As you know Vinegar can be used as a spray and also as a solution for rubbing in joints for avoiding pain and strain. It can also be used for daily feeding which can improve your pet’s health and also for better functioning of immune system. It does not contain many nutrients require for the body but it contains acetic acid and other compounds to absorb other nutrients. As we told earlier calcium deposits in joints are broken down which helps to avoid pains and also for withstanding cold temperatures in winter. It also helps in improving skin coats of your pet. Daily dosage for dogs is as follow. If you dogs have around 50-60 pounds then you must give a full teaspoon along with dogs food and if it’s around 15-20 then half a teaspoon dosage daily is required.

Where to buy apple cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar can be made very easily and effectively in your home itself. But if you have any difficulties in making it, you can buy it through Online stores as well as local shops in your region. Before buying make sure that you choose the right one. You must choose organic apple cider vinegar from local stores as medicinal effects of organic cider will be greater than the one which is  artificially prepared. The best apple cider vinegar which is recommended for dogs must be raw, unpasteurized and organic. You must not use clear vinegar as it won’t contain any medicinal properties, which is immense in organic apple cider vinegar.

Side effects and precautions to take before using Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

We recommend organic Apple Cider vinegar for your pets because the side effects of organic vinegar are very less. As it’s organic and made from apple extracts it is mostly considered as holistic medicine for dogs. But even some of people says that it will aid in weight loss of dogs etc.. But you can always try it without any fear. It helps in treating a variety of health problems you see in dogs. But still there maybe one or two exceptional cases where you can see side effects of apple cider vinegar in dogs, especially when the dog is having candida infection and also with the acidic system. Also, it is not recommended with irritated intestines.

However, you have to take some precautions before giving Apple cider vinegar. You should never give undiluted apple cider vinegar to dogs as it can cause irritations as well as internal digestive problems. Before you spray or use it on skin make sure that it won’t comes in contact with your dog’s eye. Also, make sure you don’t apply Apple cider vinegar on open wounds or cuts as it can burn it. Always make sure to consult a vet before you apply Apple cider vinegar if you have any doubts regarding it.


Apple cider vinegar is used from our old generation. Now it is commonly used in treating main problems in animals also especially in dogs. So why don’t you try it? Because of its organic nature, the side effects when applied on your pet will be lesser. It is definitely a simple solution to so many problems in dogs. If you have tried all other methods and still the problem persists then you can choose apple cider vinegar as a last hope. Sometimes something is better than nothing. Make sure that you select right organic vinegar which is raw in nature as other kinds of vinegar are considered as ‘dead’ and of no use. Vinegar is definitely a useful supplement for dogs considering the main benefits when used. If a health problem can be prevented holistically without using modern medicines then you must make more sense than feeding artificially made ones. I hope you understand all the things regarding this topic and feel free to ask any queries you have in this matter, We will definitely address your queries as soon as we get.

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