The World’s Best Dog Grooming Clippers – Here Are Our Top Five Picks

A dog is a man’s best friend. Love, care, and devotion are what we give to our dogs. Because of this, we tend to find ways on how to make them feel better, comfortable, and amazingly clean.

Dogs have different needs. They require certain things and conditions that will make them proud and happy. The feeling that we bestow to our dogs are given back to them in terms of loyalty and comfort.

In connection to this, dog owners are into the search of the best ways to comfort their dogs through best grooming. Moreover, part of their grooming is trimming and clipping their fur to make them look better with the best clippers in town. Then, what do we have to consider in choosing the best clippers for our dogs?



What to consider for the best dog clippers

Your options for choosing the best clippers for your dogs are just around the corner. And you might consider the following when choosing the right one.

  • Durability

The first thing you have to consider in choosing the best clippers for your dogs is how long would you be able to use the clippers for your dogs. Some products tend to make false promises of the durability. Just be careful in choosing the right one. Then, you need to consider also the company’s name. Most of the time, the best-known products are made and produced by the best companies in the market.

  • Speed ability

RPM or rotary speed per minute is somehow very much important. This would determine how fast the products when performing the task. The care in clipping your dogs is an important matter, whether the Clippers perform well in various types of fur such as mats, coarse and knots. A high speed is needed especially when your dog has a thick coat. This is to avoid stuck and tangled if clipper is low in speed.

  • Weight matters

Clippers that are lightweight are the best for groomer’s sake, especially for their arms. So, when choosing clippers for your dogs, consider also your own comfort. It is very important to be feeling comfortable while grooming your dogs. As you comfort your dog, you should feel comfortable as well. This way, you will not be getting tired easily and you can bring out the best in your dogs with ease and comfort.

  • Motor sound

A quiet sound and mood give calmness to your dog when grooming them. It helps them think that they are safe with you during grooming. It is a good way to comfort your dog with a less sound clipper. Because if not, they might give you the hardest time while grooming them

  • Accessories

Complete set of accessories for your dogs is a must. Having them in one setting will save time and money. You will not be buying them in separated parts. Likewise, this is a good idea to know that you are totally sure of the product specifications and model of clippers. This is also an assurance that everything is compatible with the grooming tools and you may avoid breaking of your tools.

Why Professional Clippers are Best Recommended

You can find various types, and kinds of clippers for dogs in the mainstream/ You may be sometimes convinced to buy once or twice because of some specifications. Then, you can take note of this: Why professional clippers are the best and highly recommended.

When it comes to professional clippers, you will be assured of its reliability and flexibility. Though this would cost a little bit higher than of other products, you are assured of its long-lasting features. In return, you won’t be bringing another one and in a long run, you will be saving money.

The more functions, the better. It would always be the case. Professional clippers come with various attachments like the variety of combs and speed ability.

5 best Dog Grooming Clippers

Based on performance, durability, and functions, here are the 5 best dog clippers in town.

1. AndisEasyClip Pro-Animal 7 – Clippers

The best among the rest of all the clippers is AndisEasyClip Pro-Animal 7. These clippers have detachable pieces. This brand was awarded as the Best Dog clippers of 2007.

Though, they have cords; they can still be used fairly and amazingly easy for the groomers. They have 5-speed switch that can be easily adjusted from normal to high-speed level. This feature allows the groomers to smoothly don the cutting mostly on mats and knots. Another feature of these clippers is their detachable blades which can give you the option to choose the best blade for your dogs. And you may change the blades if ever you have another dog to groom. The blades of these clippers are so cool. And it features a quiet motor. This would allow you to calmly groom your dogs without any annoying or irritating sounds. Also, these clippers have anti-slip and soft grip features for easy grip. Some clippers are cordless. Compared to AndisEasyClip Pro-Animal 7, the power is sustainable through direct plugging with the cord. Lastly, since Andis is best known for great clippers and quality products, so no need to worry about the quality and performance. Moreover, a year of warranty is allocated for these clippers, so grab yours now.

2. AndisProClip Super 2-Speed – Clippers

Are looking for heavy-duty clippers? This one is perfect for you. AndisProClip Super 2-Speed is a powerful clipper exactly just for you if you are in search of one. They may not be having the 5-speed, no need for these clippers. They can still give you the most powerful performance when it comes to speed and performance. It will perform the best, especially in tough cutting and grooming.  Though they are with a cord, still they can perform better compared to those cordless clippers. AndisProClip Super 2-Speed clippers feature quietness and coolness even for longer usage.

These clippers are also amazing when it comes to speed. It features speedy performance, so if you need to do grooming so quick, these clippers are perfect for you.  Another thing that may amaze you with these clippers is their blades. They are detachable. This would let you clean them easily. Also, you can change the blade in just a minute with this feature. This feature is also available in some other products of Andis. You all have the options. You may also consider this last feature of these clippers. They feature maintenance-free. It means no need for oil or grease to maintain the functionality of these clippers. So, what are you waiting for? Buy yours now.

3. Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional – Clippers

If you are looking for the best cordless clipper, then, Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional clippers are just amazing for you.  For the record, Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional clippers feature the finest advancement when it comes to rechargeable battery innovations. As a matter of fact, these clippers powered by lithium can offer a better power performance and best charge cycles. Their batteries do not possess memory effect compared to regular batteries.  Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional clipper’s batteries can only be charged in one hour and can be lasting for more than an hour. It is so wonderful to know this, isn’t?  These Bravura clippers feature adjustable 5 in one snap blade. They are also mechanized with an intelligent motor which supports power increase and speedy blade for a smooth and amazing cut in thicker mats and coats. The best thing about the blades of these clippers is that they don’t overheat. And this would be best for exhaustive usage.

Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional clippers offer a variety of colors to choose from. It can be purple, pink and gunmetal. This makes the Bravura a pretty tool. These clippers are considered strong and reliable. They also have a lightweight design and quiet motors. This is all because of their technologically low vibration which is so perfect for uneasy and disturbed dogs.

It is very nice to know that these clippers are coming in hard cases. They also provide stands for charging together with a blade kit which is detachable. They also come with a comb, brush oil for clipper and instructional guide. This would be your all-around professional clipper. So grab one now.

4. Andis AGVR PowerGroom – Clippers

If you want a tough but quiet clipper, then Powergroom is perfect for you. These clippers are designed to do the toughest and hardest grooming jobs. These clippers are best for hard and thick coats and knots. The 5 various speed tools of these clippers can work on types of breeds. The best thing about these clippers is that they can still be amazingly cool even on the toughest grooming jobs with thick coats and mats. These clipping tools can come with various types of blades. This will allow you to customize and change your clippers for a variety of works to do. They can be compatible with other brands with this feature. This feature not only also allows you to choose the proper blade for grooming but also saving money for staying around and staying in place without buying or shopping. One of the best-known features of these clippers is rotating cord. Yes, it is with a cord. It rotates perfectly without worrying of about tangles when you move around. You can have the option of having a cordless model of this clipper, and you can get it with a pack of battery for free.  So get it now.

5. Osten Golden A5 Single-Speed – Clippers

Simple is beautiful. Yes, it is true. Though, sometimes we are looking for something more than simple and beautiful. But most of the time, we are mistaken. We don’t expect how great to be simple. Just like in choosing the best clippers for your dogs.  Because there are a lot of modern clippers, we forget to consider simple clippers in the market.  Sometimes, we can’t find in modern clippers what we can see in simple clippers. Just like Osten Golden A5 Single-Speed Clippers. They are simple but of great quality.

So if you are looking for a simple but of great quality, consider Osten. Though they have a single speed, they could work so powerful with their motors. They can also best work for a variety of coats. These clippers also have the same feature as the other clippers in town. They have detachable blades which can be an advantage for cleaning them easier. Likewise, their blades are treated cryogenically to maintain durability and flexibility. These clippers are used with a cord which means they have sustainable power supply when you use them because they are plugged. What is amazing with these clippers is that they contain an internal fan to cool down the item for intensive usage. The lifespan of this clipper relies on your way of using it. You handle it with care, it will last longer. Then these clippers are just great for you.

Those clippers mentioned above are chosen based on their capacity and sustainability to do the task. Though there are more brands which are known and can do the same job as what are mentions. But those 5 clippers are the best in town nowadays. And you may consider them to use with your loving pets. Because we all want the best for our pets, we have to choose the brands that suit the needs of ours. The list may help you decide.

Those clippers on the list are just so amazing. They possess qualities that you may consider. The durability, flexibility, special features, motors, designs, and accessibility are the best qualities of the five Clippers listed. You may opt to find another one since we have different needs and preferences.

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