Best Wet Cat Food Reviews – Benefits and Buying Guide

Using best wet cat food to feed your pets is one the simplest ways to get your pets all of the nutrition that you want them to have. Wet food is something that a lot of people don’t use as cats don’t particularly need wet food, however just using dry food can give them a very limited diet, especially if they are not given the space to roam and catch prey for themselves. There is a huge variety of wet cat foods on the market and they can all contain a huge range of different ingredients to give your cat a specific experience and to help them to increase their overall nutritional intake. Here are some of the most popular cat foods and what is good and bad about them.



1. Soulistic Can Cat Food

Soulistic is one of the cat food brands that claim to offer holistic foods, meaning that it will benefit you cat’s body as a whole and not just parts of it. Aspects such as the digestive system, the fur, the immune system and the brain among many others are all assisted by the elements of this food. They also avoid any grain based products in their food which makes it consumable by cats who may have digestive problems or other allergies so owners don’t have to worry about that aspect when feeding their cat. Soulistic’s cat food is one of the rare ones on the market which uses large, whole chunks of meat which makes it far more enjoyable for your cat to eat and enjoy, as well as keeping in most of the nutrition from the meat.

Soulistic comes in 4 different flavours which each claim to offer certain benefits to being used for your cat. It may also depend on what your cat likes to eat or if they have any specific allergies.

  • Aqua Grill –The main ingredients of the Aqua Grill are chunks of tuna and tilapia which are mixed together in a gravy based sauce. The mixture of the gravy sauce and the fish makes the food extremely tasty for the cat and will also allow you to easily mix in other supplements without them being aware which allows you to give them even more of a health boost. Extremely high in protein and other great natural compounds which can benefit your cat in a huge variety of ways and largely avoids your cat having too many carbohydrates or other heavy materials.
  • Luna Tuna – This is one of unique products in the Soulistic range and offers another fish based tuna food but this time combined with pumpkin soup. this gives cats eating it hugely important help with any digestive problems that they may be having. It won’t be able to completely solve all of the cat’s problems but it is definitely healthy and should be given to your cat maybe once or twice a week for a meal.
  • Nautical Nirvana –Another natural product which contains no additives or preservatives to alter the natural goodness contained within the chunks of whole fish. It uses tuna and other types of seafood to give a great flavour which is filled with great natural oils that are going to be so healthy for your cat’s digestive, immune system and overall health.

2. Wild Calling Cat Food

Wild Calling is a completely natural product which provides comprehensive nutrition for cats at every stage of their life. It attempts to leave a great natural flavour in their food which makes it one of the best around for cats to eat and enjoy as well as being incredibly healthy for them.


The Wild Calling cat food is all produced by the Wild Calling Pet Foods Company which is located in Greeley, Colorado. This gives them complete control over what goes into their products and also the access to a great wealth of natural, local ingredients which means that they are able to produce great quality foods that meet their own high standards without relying on others to produce their food for them. They state that their cat foods contain 96% natural meat with absolutely no artificial additives or preservatives.


Wild Calling offers a range of both dry and canned cat food which means that you can vary your cat’s diet very easily using Wild Calling’s selection and help them have a great, well-balanced diet. All of the recipes include 96% protein-rich meat which makes the food incredibly high in protein and other natural materials to help the cat’s health. They do enhance the food with some other elements, these are all natural however and entirely consist of organic vitamins and minerals to give the food more nutritional value. There are nine different selections for Wild Calling cat food which are:

  • Rabbit Burrow
  • Alley-Gator
  • Triple Delight
  • Magic Meadow
  • Cabin Fever
  • Inland Waters
  • Cowabunga
  • Jumping Salmon
  • Trot’n Tommy

These all contain a range of different meats which offer your cats with a vast array of healthy and natural options to increase the quality of their diet. The brand itself hugely stresses the ability to give cat’s healthier life whatever their age and are fully committed to keeping them extremely healthy.

3. ZiwiPeak Moist Cat Food

Cats need foods that are very rich in protein to maintain their muscle mass as well as providing them with other essential elements which help with their development. They also have a low natural thirst drive and can, therefore, benefit from consuming wet food which will help provide them with the water that will help keep them healthy. ZiwiPeak’s foods contain absolutely no grain, corn, wheat, sugars, soy, glycerine or potatoes. This keeps the food very nutritionally lean and makes it incredibly good for cats who may have a mild digestive problem that would be adversely affected by eating foods which contain any of these potentially harmful elements. They instead include chickpeas to naturally thicken the foods whilst also providing a source of natural fibre for the cats to help aid their digestion of the food and therefore make the meals far easier for the cats to process.

They have four main recipes which can cater for cats at all stages of their lives from kittens to elderly. Given the wide range of vitamins and minerals that are contained in the food, there are benefits that all cats can gain from having a balanced diet that contains this food. High levels of protein and low levels of unnatural produce means that the cats will have a far easier time staying lean and healthy whilst it also encourages the development of the brain and immune system among many other essential bodily functions.

Their varieties are:

  • ZiwiPeak Moist Venison
  • ZiwiPeak Moist Lamb
  • ZiwiPeak Moist Mackerel and Lamb
  • ZiwiPeak Moist Beef

This variety of meats and flavours allows cats to achieve a huge variety in their diet with all of the meals being incredibly nutritionally valuable and therefore keep the cat in the best shape that it can be.

Particularly in the Mackerel and Lamb food, ZiwiPeak focuses on packing their food with as much protein as possible whilst also trying to naturally supplement this with vitamins and minerals to enhance the overall nutritional value of the food. It sources natural ingredients from sustainable locations such as local lamb from New Zealand, allowing them to use the highest quality product possible and make the best food they can to be sold to cat owners.

4. Hound and Gatos Cat Food

This cat food brand contains one of the widest variety available from any of the top cat food manufacturers which helps them to provide food to allow for a huge range in the diet of cats who like their food and benefit from the nutrition within it. With wet food, it is very important to avoid ingredients which don’t combine together as this can make a very off-putting taste or texture for the cat and they are then unlikely to eat it. This will mean that they are missing out on many vital compounds contained within high-quality wet cat food that will keep them extremely healthy and active for far longer. Hound and Gatos understand this and uses a great set of recipes to provide very high-quality cat food that tastes great for them and will, therefore, be eaten by most cats who are used to eating wet cat food.

Using high-quality produce and avoiding chemical additives is something that many producers of quality cat food abide by, with Hound and Gatos being no exception. They source their produce from sustainable locations and quality test it to ensure that it is of the high standard that they are looking to use in their cat food. Having worked on their recipes for years they are some of the tastiest on the markets for cats and many people who have switched to them have noticed that their cats eat better when using Hound and Gatos. Their variety includes 14 different variations which are:

  • American Rabbit
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Gamebird
  • Lamb
  • Lamb, Chicken and Salmon
  • Original Palaeolithic
  • Pork
  • Rabbit
  • Salmon
  • Salmon, Mackerel and Sardine
  • Trout
  • Turkey

Most of the recipes contain natural substances such as Agar Agar and fish oil which are used to really enhance the flavour, texture and nutritional capacity of the foods. This gives the cats an even more complete intake of vitamins and minerals that are going to have incredible physical health benefits. The types of materials found in the food can also help cats on the outside, for example developing thicker and more resilient coats of fur or helping them deal with skin conditions by feeding them with foods that are high in omega-3. Hound and Gatos have this range so that you are able to vary the cat’s diet and give them a wide array of quality nutrition to help them stay healthy inside and out as well as helping their development if they are a younger cat or helping them stay active if they are moving into old age.

5. Weruva Cat Food

One important way you can assess the quality of a brand of cat food is to assess whether the meat used in it would otherwise be fit for human consumption. This indicates that it has been sourced somewhere that is providing high-quality products and also cares about the cat food that they are going to put into the market. Weruva avoids making dry food altogether and completely focus on making high-quality moist food which provides the highest level of nutrition possible for the cats who are going to eat it, whatever age they may be.

At Weruva, all of their cat foods are made at a facility which also makes a lot of human food which shows that they are committed to using quality ingredients and pristine equipment to make food with the best quality possible. For the base of their meals, they use very high protein meats and they take only good cuts of the meat to ensure its viability as well as its nutritional contents. Its use of chicken, beef, turkey and fish all comes from great cuts of the meat and allows them to make incredibly tasty food which is also amazingly healthy.

Having food which gives a cat a lot of high-quality protein is a great thing as they need a lot of this to help keep them strong and lean as they are natural carnivores and giving them a lot of dry food doesn’t always have this level of essential protein. Weruva using these great natural meats as well as small amounts of other supplements to enhance the health benefits of their food is a great way for them to show customers that they are able to give a top class product.

Some of the recipes contain a small amount of vegetables such as peas which may make some cats turn their noses up if they aren’t a fan of this. However, they are obvious enough for the cats to eat around, and if the cats do eat them then it will give them a boost of natural fibre and vitamins to aid with their digestion and their cell regeneration which goes a long way to keeping their overall health good and keeping them happy.

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