Dog Ear Cleaner – Everything You Need To Know ?

Having a pet means providing the proper care and accommodation, so you can enjoy in the company. Your life will be happier if you decide to get a dog. The dogs are a faithful companion to the human. Providing the proper care means regular health checks, appropriate dog food, bathing, exercising or walking your dog, taking care of its coat and giving comfortable place to sleep.

While you are busy with your everyday routines and work, your dog might have some health issues or other problems you may have not noticed of. So, with the regular checks you can immediately see if something is wrong with your dog. Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears may prevent a lot of stressful situations for you, and your dog. So, you need to learn what is the best way to do that.


Important things you need to know about your dog’s ears

  • If you don’t clean the ears of your dog in the right way, you may cause some damage
  • The ears are sensitive so need a regular maintenance and cleaning in order to prevent infections or other type of issues
  • Even the dogs want the ears clean, so accept that and make it as an obligatory task for you

How to prepare for the cleaning process?

  • Make the process a positive one – which means that it is always convenient to have a bag full of treats in order to bring your dog slowly to you. Offer to the dog a treat so comes closer and cooperates in the cleaning process. Make sure you don’t exaggerate with the treats and know when to stop. If you don’t want to torture yourself in convincing the dog to come then do this, and start cleaning the ears immediately.
  • Make sure you have the right tools – providing a proper care of your dog’s ears means that you have to possess the right tools for performing the procedure. You will never and must not use already used cotton swabs, because they can be harmful for the ears. You can wrap your finger in gauze instead and use it. Also, you might want to use some gloves during the cleaning process, but it is not mandatory. The most important thing is the ear rinse. You will have to look for a product with no alcohol, antibiotics, steroids or some toxic materials, and be careful with the applying. Choosing the right product might be an additional headache to you, but you will spare yourself more trouble. Make sure the product you choose is safe for your dog’s ears. The dog ear cleaner must be appropriate for your dog.
  • Put the tools near you so you can easily reach them – if you don’t want to start the whole process over again you have to put the necessary tools near you. If you forgot something and need to stand up and go for it, then the dog might move and you will have to put it again back to the previous position, or even start the process all over again.
  • Follow the instructions – if your dog is giving you resistance during the cleaning process, something might be wrong. It is an alarm that you have to stop and check everything again. Maybe you push too hard in the ear, or the dog ear cleaner is causing some pain or itching in the dog’s ear, so you need to check it twice before doing anything else. You will have to wet a new cotton ball in order to clean the inner part of the ear, but before that you have to wipe the part of the ear that you see easily. It is recommendable to do this once a week.
  • Make an appointment with a vet – if the cotton balls are dirty then you might want to visit a vet and make a check on your dog’s ears. It can be an alarming situation that shows something is wrong. So, to make sure everything is okay visit a vet regularly.

What is the anatomy of the dog’s ear consisted of?

  • So, if you want to learn more and analyze the ears of your dog, you will notice that it is curvy and twisted. It is the right place for parasites and bacteria. In order to prevent some serious issues or infections, you have to take care of your dog and the dog’s ears.
  • The debris goes the way to the canal and if gets trapped inside it, causes itching inside the ear.
  • You must know that dogs that suffer from some allergies have more problems and issues with the ears.
  • Dogs with ears like cocker spaniel, bassets or poodles are more exposed into infections.

Your dog must have a proper weekly care

Whenever you see that the dog has excessive hair in the ears or scratches on the part where the ears are, then you should do a regular weekly check. When you do the check you need to make sure that everything is okay. This should present a weekly routine for you if you want a healthy dog. So, how you should start?

  • If you see that your dog’s ears look dirty then you need to clean it with a cotton ball. You need to have some of the solutions available on the market, for pets, and have some at home at any moment. You can read the instructions from the article and how to use it. Never experiment by yourself. Of course there are a lot of natural recipes that are used as dog ear cleaner, but you need to find the right one.
  • The skin inside the ear is delicate, so you should scrub it slowly and gently so you don’t cause any harm inside it. Also the solution you might use has to be alcohol free definitely.
  • When you are done cleaning on the inside, you need to clean the outside as well. You must not stick anything to the ear canal if you don’t want to cause some serious problems. If the cleaning is not giving you any results, you can go to the vet and ask for help and advice.
  • If the hair in the ears is too big, then you need to trim it from time to time – every few weeks, so you can avoid tangling and extra problems.

Spotting the signs of an infection

In order to treat some ear infection at your dog, you need to spot the signs immediately after they show up. If you spot such things, then you need the right dog ear cleaner to treat it immediately without any damage. Also when you wash the dog you need to make sure no water got inside the ear.

There are a number of natural products that can help you in this.

What are the problems that might appear in your dog’s ears?

There are a lot of problems of course. Even if you do regular checks, some problems might be present all the time and you have to deal with it.

  • Allergies – Some secretions and foul smell out of the ears is a sign of an allergy. You must use some precautions in order to heal this. The ear can also turn red and the dog will be scratching it all the time. You need to deal with the allergy, and after the problem is solved, use dog ear cleaner to clean the ears regularly.
  • Bacterial or yeast infection – It can be caused by some foreign irritator and goes inside the ear canal. Excessive carbohydrates change pH level on the skin, so that can be a problem also since it will cause yeast and overgrowth of bacteria. Trapped moisture is also one of the reasons for this type of infection
  • Foreign matter – Whenever you take your dog for a walk, there will be always a danger of getting particles or awns inside the ears, so if you don’t make regular checks at the vet, the ears might have some wounds. Excessive sebum or wax is the result of this, so leads in trapping more dirt in the ear.
  • Ear mites – It can represent a big problem if the dog has these mites. They feed from the blood of your dog, so the presence in the ears may cause some additional issues and problems.


  • Unpleasant smell from the ears
  • Bumps and swelling
  • Crustier skin
  • The hair inside the ears starts to fall
  • Discharges from the ear itself
  • The inner part of the ear becomes red
  • When you wax your dog’s ear, it becomes dark like a coffee ground

Useful and natural recipes to prepare

  • Vinegar, boric acid and alcohol- it is a fast dog ear cleaner and all you have to do is mix the exact amounts of these ingredients and clean the ears of your dog.
  • Vinegar and water – it has great cleaning properties and you can use it if you think that the alcohol may cause harm in the ears. You need to mix it well and apply it gently. It is really fast to do. Suitable for dogs with a dry skin.
  • Almond, olive and mineral oil – only few drops are enough and it will be the best ear cleaner for your dog’s ears. With this homemade product you can easily remove the wax and improve the ear health of your dog.

Using commercial products

Is it the right choice to use some of the products as ear cleaner? Are they completely safe and not harmful at all? You have to look for the answer at your pet’s vet or check the instructions on the product guideline.Some of the products contain alcohol, so the dog’s ears might be sensitive to it, causing redness, itching or swelling, so you have to stop using the product immediately. Some of the products are just a commercial and you need to find the right ear cleaner.

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Dog ear infection when affected is a difficult one to get rid off. So, always clean your dog’s ear and make regular checks if you want to avoid these problems. This may cause changes in the mood of the dog, and some of the issues can cause more harmful condition. Instead of having so many troubles, you can take a proper care of your dog. If you have any queries regarding article Post it below our comment sections and Our team will definitely clear it in short time.

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