Natural Balance Dog Food – All You Need To Know

Natural Balance Dog Food has become a recognizant name as pet food. People who are conscious about the health of their pets are already familiar with it. A few years back, only human beings were conscious about their food preferences; their reluctance from artificially processed food enhanced the significance of organic food. Now, the trend of choosing healthy alternatives to food is gaining popularity for animals as well. The reason is obvious. Processed food, with a high content of pesticides, is as contagious to dogs, as it is to human beings.

Natural Balance Dog Food is an ultimate healthy alternative for your canine friend. Below is a detailed overview of what this Natural Balance Dog Food is all about. And why the pets need it badly. Before elaborating on details, let’s have a look at how you are unintentionally feeding your pet in a wrong way.

Conventional Dog Food is Nutrient Deficient

Yes, you heard it right. The food you pick from the shelves for your dog doesn’t have enough nutrients. Mostly, one cane of food offers one single nutrient. There is hardly any canned food that can cater to the nutritional needs of your pet. Keep in mind that dogs also need a set of nutrients to undergo physical and mental growth. Deficiency of any vital mineral, vitamin, and any other food nutrient can cause disabilities in them. Most of us, who love to pet the dogs, think that canned food, available in the market is a perfect option. In reality, there is nothing such food which prepared by keeping in view the nutritional requirement. Hence, blindly choosing any canned dog food from a grocery store doesn’t mean to choose the best for your dog.

Artificial Dog Food is contagious to health

Harms of processed food which is rich in gluten and other additives are not hidden. Such preservatives are related to the cause of metabolic system inefficiency in the human body. Same is the case with pets as well. Food rich in preservatives, not only affects the ability of digestive system but it also causes many other harms. Let’s take alone the example of spicy food. Make your dog eat a fried chicken piece, heavily marinated in chilies powder. Chances are high that your dog would vomit out all the food, or become ill. The reason, why stomach of dogs reacts in this way, is that animal has very less tendency to digest additives, which are high in processed food.

Hence, if you think that a normally canned dog food is enough to keep up with the health of your dog, then you are wrong.

In such circumstances, what seems to be a healthy alternative for your dog is the Natural Balance Dog Food.

What is the Natural Balance Dog Food all about?

To start on a brief note, Natural Balance Dog Food is a result of through scientific research. After all, arriving at a conclusion about what suits best to the dog’s health is not such an easy task. Manufacturers need to conduct studies, and then evaluate the efficacy of a particular food. Going through such a complicated process is necessary for coming up with a healthy alternative.

The diet offers a completely natural formula for an ideal dog food. For instance, an ideal dog food is one which is also healthy. Natural Balance Dog Food is not one single formula. It offers a complete range of products that have following features.

  • Dog food with low level of allergens
  • Veg food for the dogs (seems interesting for carnivores, but it is a healthy option, especially when you want to share your lifestyle with your dog as well).
  • Low caloric diet for your dog (It is essential for maintaining of long term health)
  • Food is available in a canned form and also in dry form.
  • There are the different formula of this natural food that caters to dogs of different ages and sizes.

Many people don’t pay consideration to the selection of food according to the age of their dogs. Such negligence can lead to so many troubles. The activity of metabolic system varies according to the age. What may seem to be appropriate for 2 years old dog, may not suit best for 6 months old pup. Natural Balance Dog food, takes into account the ability o the metabolic system. There is something special that caters to the needs of dogs of different ages.

Various names of natural dog food are Limited Ingredient Diets, Allergy Formulas, Original Ultra-Premium Diets and Vegetarian Diets. All these formulae are designed to serve the special purposes.

Food for a Lifetime

This is the motto of Natural Balance Dog Food; it is free from corn, soy, and any other artificial preservatives. Apart from this, no wheat is used in the food. It utilizes premium meat for a normal dog food formula. In case, of a vegetarian diet, all the related ingredients are utilized with legumes and other plant protein sources. Dog owners can use this food without worrying about the health of their pet. As the motto indicates, they can keep using this food as long as their pet is accompanying them.

Another best feature of Natural Balance Dog Food is that it is a perfect choice of breeders and vets as well. Experts of dogs health have agreed upon the nutritional value of this natural food produced, which is free from additives and preservatives.

Here are the further details about Natural Balance Dog Food that prove it a healthy food for canines.

  • Food passes through the safety tests

Food is passed through safety tests in order to make sure that it is healthy. Such safety tests are aimed at evaluating the nutritional value of the food. They also ensure that any of the content doesn’t have any side effect on the target users. Surprisingly, there are 9 safety tests that are applied on food for making sure that it is reliable. Further, all such tests are not performed on initial formula only; they are meant for every single batch of food to check for any discrepancy.

Entire testing is performed by the team of microbiologists and biochemists. All the food ingredients after going inside become a reactant in biochemical reactions. Hence, it is necessary to ascertain the effect these food components may have on body of the dogs. Microbiologists and chemists make sure that food prepared for pets, doesn’t prove as a burden on their bodies. It is well coherent with body requirements of dogs.

Such tests also check for poisonous agents in food that are likely to cause any disturbances in the stomach. Briefly, you can use this food for your dog without any fear of getting side effects.

  • Ingredients of Natural Balance Dog Food

All the promises aside; what determines the quality of anything is the content. Before you feed your dog with any eatable, make sure you know what it is all about. Looking upon the ingredients is enough to have an idea about the nature of food.

Here are the most common contents of the Natural Balance Dog Food that make the product perfect for use.

  • Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans are the best source of protein in the food which totally veg. Apart from fulfilling the body’s protein requirements, they also act as an alternate for carbohydrates as well. Good aspect of Garbanzo Beans is that they are easily digestible.

  • Green Peas

Very less people know that Green peas act as the best alternatives of grains. They are a rich source of protein as well as carbohydrate. Dogs that can’t eat grains can readily ingest the green peas, with greater interest.

  • Potatoes

Potatoes also serve the best purpose as natural food of dogs. They are a rich source of carbohydrates and also much digestible. Apart from offering vital nutrients, potatoes are also a rich source of minerals like Potassium.

  • Brown Rice

Brown Rice are rarely heard as the source of Dog food. As a matter of fact, they have got much more to offer in the form of minerals and nutrients. Brown rice are rich in fibres. They serve as best carbohydrate source. They also replenish the body’s requirements for vital minerals including Phosphorus, selenium and magnesium along with Vitamin B.

  • Whole Grain

Whole Grains also provide energy to the dogs. They are a good less in more option.

  • Chicken

Chicken is a necessary ingredient of premium dog food. It acts as a source for essential amino acids, which are required in protein formation. Presence of chicken is more common in any kind of the dog food.

  • Venison

Venison is something that satisfies the taste buds of dogs, along with fulfilment of their nutritious needs. Venison serves as an alternative of protein, usually found in chicken.

  • Lamb

Lamb is again a delicious and nutritious food alternative for dogs. It not only acts as protein source, but also offers carbohydrates as well as fats, required by body.

  • Bison & Buffalo

This is a lean meat alternative for dogs. Owners who are conscious about weight of their pets must choose for Bison & Buffalo. The food is low in calories and rich in protein. It also offers protection against weight loss, while fulfilling body’s protein requirements.

  • Duck

Well, Duck is not more common as a dog food. It serves the best chicken alternative for taste sensitive dogs. While it differs in taste, there is no compromise on the protein content that a pet may require.

  • Salmon

Apart from chicken, fish is also necessary for the dogs. Primarily, it offers essential amino acids that are necessary for muscle formation. But Salmon tones up the body and gives out shinier coat. Owners, who are concerned about good looks of their dogs, must consider salmon as food.

  • Salmon Oils

Salmon oil is used in pet food, to meet the fat requirements by animals. Salmon Oil offers DHA, EPA and Omega-3 to produce a healthy and shinier skin.

  • Flax Seeds

Flax Seeds are another source of the Omega-3 fatty acids for the dogs. They also serve as an excellent way for providing nourishment to the skin.

  • Taurine

Taurine is an essential amino acid. It is more effective for cats. According to research Taurine helps to boost the cardiovascular health of giant dogs. There are certain breeds of dogs that can utilize Taurine for maintaining their bodily health.

  • Natural Preservatives

Natural Preservatives are used in finished products of the Natural Balance Dog Food; they don’t have any side effects. Most common natural preservatives include the citric acid, tocopherols and rosemary extracts.

It should be kept in mind that all such ingredients are not used in every single dog food product. Different products include a mix of ingredients. They depend upon requirement for the dogs, to which a particular can of food is meant for. But every can of food packs the quality ingredients.

  • Benefits of Natural Balance Dog Food

A cautious dog owner thinks twice before feeding his/her pet. Knowing about ingredients is not enough. One must know that functions, of anything are quite general. What is more specific is the effect. So, always try to understand the benefits or effects that your dog would develop after eating a particular food. Mostly, such benefits are quite evident. Still, it is necessary to know them in detail, if you are really concerned about the health of your dog.

Here are the advantages that a Natural Balance Dog Food can offer to you.

  • It is a complete natural food

All ingredients used in Natural Balance Dog Food are natural. They have not undergone any genetic modification. One can say that ingredients are natural in nature. They are free from pesticides and artificial food preservatives. Further, no chemical additives are utilized for getting a finished product. As mentioned above, preservatives used to process the food are natural, that can’t impact the body in a negative manner.  One can use Natural Balance Dog Food, as an alternate of organic food. You don’t need to fear if your dog is ingesting any harmful chemical or not.

  • It offers the option of a Veg food

Animals, even dogs can be sensitive to dairy. Owners know very well, when their dog refuses to eat chicken, meat or other such non veg food. Owners don’t need to worry about the protein source for such dogs. As mentioned above, there are many protein sources in the form of garbanzo beans and peas that can fulfil the nutritional requirements of the dogs. Natural Balance Dog Food has a special range of products, for catering to the needs of veg dogs. Owners can utilize them after consulting their vets, or even the product seller.

  • A food that suits dogs of all the ages

Food requirements for dogs vary with age. Dog owners are very well familiar with struggle for choosing the best food for their puppies. Mostly, dog foods don’t take into account the metabolic system requirements; they definitely vary with the age. Further, dogs need different kind of food during different phases of their lives. It all depends upon the growth, activities and other such requirements. Natural Balance Dog Food has a line of canned products that cater to the needs of different ages. Hence, owners who have a set of dogs, with different age groups, can use this food without any worries.

  • It fulfils nutritional needs in the best way

There is no need to mention the nutritional value of Natural Balance Dog Food. We have already elaborated everything in detail in the form of ingredients. But facts depict that only ingredients are not the only deciding factor. There are so many other factors as well. For example packaging; it plays a key role. Utilizing packaging techniques in an effective way is very much necessary. First, it should preserve the nutritional value as it is. Secondly, its material should not be contagious for food. Many times, canned food gets contaminated due to low quality packaging too.

Natural Balance Dog Food takes into account all the related facts. Food comes up in the best possible packaging. Hence, there is no any potential harm of contamination or other such side effect.

  • It offers more choices to the pet owners

Perhaps, this is the best aspect of Natural Balance Dog Food. Pet owners; very often face the issue of taste sensitiveness, in their dogs. In this way, they can’t decide on what can be better food alternate. Natural Balance Dog Food has diverse range of offering. It provides the taste alternate of every single nutritional content.

If your dog doesn’t approve for the chicken, then you can give him food that contains Salmon. In a similar fashion, there are many alternates of fats and carbohydrates. All such food combinations offer the best ways to choose for a suitable food. Luckily, owners are also available with less caloric diet for their pet dogs.


Briefly, one can say that Natural Balance Dog Food offers healthy food options for the dog owners. If there are any side effects, then they are because of wrong selection of the food. So be careful about that. If you would follow all the things mentioned here, you should be more than okay.

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