Everything You Need To Know About Orijen Dog Food

If you believe even a little bit in the advertisement you see on TV, Orijen dog food is made to “nourish your dog as nature intended to”. The dog food that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately include an unmatched quality of local meat that is exactly what a dog’s nourishment should have. It has all the goodness and flavor minus high-glycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, and many synthetic supplements which form a part of usual dog foods.

This award-winning dry dog food known across the globe is famous for many reasons. It goes way beyond the way they handle the inclusion of meat to boost your cat or dog’s diet and healthiness, but also it’s origin and concept that are (very)unique. Apart from never being outsourced, being the best natural pet food recognized in the world and being very descriptive of all the ingredients and preparation methods, it is the world’s most awarded pet food, and we will be discovering why you should chooseOrijen dog food.


Importance of Dog Food

Many people who own dogs initially do not realize that the nutrition required by their pet is different from the nutrition that is needed by them. If you consider all the physical activities your dog does throughout the day which also includes walking and running a lot, you will realize the difference between the amount of energy it needs and the amount of energy you are giving him. Apart from this, there are also some food items like sugar and confectionary that should never be fed to a dog. Feeding such things can not only hamper the growth of your pet but also make it lethargic, weird and even affect its fur. Therefore, there arises a need to ensure that your dog gets a proper and fulfilling diet.

Benefits of Orijen dog food

Now that you know how important it is to feed your dog, the right dog food, the question arises which dog food? If you ask my opinion and especially my dog’s opinion, there is nothing better than Orijen dog food right now. Why? It has all the nutrients my dog needs, and since he is always ready to eat it, I bet it is tasty as well.

In fact, it has received many awards because of not only the quality of its dry food but also the different varieties available for buying when choosing what food to buy for your dog, which we will be discussing soon. The best thing about Orijen is that it has natural and raw ingredients which give my dog what it really needs and help it grow naturally.It is produced with real, natural and fresh regional ingredients that are good for your pet’s health instead of the overly-industrialized products that are commonly regarded as unhealthy for both cats and dogs.

Orijen stands for origin, and thus it has everything to do with the beginning of things, how animals can evolve with their roots attached to their primal needs. This dog food focuses on your pet’s health by just giving them what they would able to gain from natural sources.

It gives you the option of choosing from the options – “puppy”, “puppy large”, “six fish” and many other food types to ensure your pet receives the most optimal diet treatment.
Some of the Awards received by Orijen, accessible in the official website for Origem dog food:

  • DBIA award for Dogstar kitchens
  • 2016 marketing award of distinction
  • 2015 premier award of distinction
  • 2015-16 outstanding excellence in canine pet food
  • 2009-12 pet food of the year
  • Pet food and animal nutrition 2.0 innovation award
  • Top 10 dog food brands (first place)
  • 2014 – 16 Alberta export award for consumer products

Orijen dog food benefits

How to chose the best food for your pet?

Orijen dog food mirrors all the biological needs your pets require in terms of quantity, quality and variety of food from natural sources and ingredients.

They are recognized worldwide because it offers dry food for dogs, freeze-dried treats, and freeze-dried food, thus having food for all types of needs – something usually missed when talking about pet food. Inside these three categories, there are several options to choose from. Highlighting one of them:
The tundra package: when choosing your dog’s food, ask these three questions: How much, How fresh and how many? Decide the percentage of meat inclusion in your dog’s food, if it’s fresh or raw/dehydrated or dried and the different animal types included.

Dogs, like wolves, don’t need too many synthetic supplements in their food because they are natural hunters and will benefit more by eating meat and natural ingredients that should already be present in their diets. This food in particular only includes the ZINC supplement, and you won’t find long lists of supplements in this dog food because of the fresh meat, organs, and cartilage is just better for their diet.
As per the company, it has 38% highly nourishing proteins, and the low-glycemic carbs are limited to a mere 16%. About 70% of the meat used in these products is fresh, refrigerated, and without preservatives and the remaining is a mixture of raw meat and fish which is prepared specially for dogs at 200°F. However, none of it contains artificial preservatives.

For additional information on different properties of each dog food, the official Orijen site includes long, very detailed lists with percentages and numbers of the ingredients, preparation and tips on the different dog foods they provide. Each dog food has five categories of description the customer can access and read to ensure that is the best food for their pet: Meath match, Ingredients, Analysis, Feeding, nature’s rules. We have included a small sample of the information contained in the “Ingredients” and the “meat match” categories.
Other examples of dry dog food offered by the company are:

  • Orijen Adult
  • Orijen Puppy
  • Orijen Senior
  • Orijen Tundra
  • Orijen Six Fish
  • Orijen Puppy Large
  • Orijen Regional Red
  • Adult dog food analysis

Some Ingredients in Orijen dog food

  • Boneless chicken
  • Chicken meal
  • Chicken liver
  • Whole herring
  • Boneless turkey
  • Turkey meal
  • Turkey liver etc..

and much more. If your dog could understand these things, he would have been forcing you to buy it already.

What you need to know the most is the fact that this food has a rounded estimating of 40% fat, 35% proteins and 25% carbs.
Main items in this dog food are chicken and turkey. Although quality items, raw poultry contains about 80% water. After cooking, most of that moisture is lost, reducing the meat content to just a fraction of its original weight. After processing, these items would probably account for a smaller part of the total content of the finished product.

These food components are overall of high quality, and even with some questionable inclusions, it does not affect the overall high quality of the product, which is seen in its reputation and consumption around the world. This adult food, in particular, is one of the most popular dog foods.

Their commitment to the customer is specially recognized when analyzing their kitchens. They had six principles in mind when building their world-best kitchens today:
They have a mission to advance in offering the best food for dogs according to their evolutionary diets.
They know and care where their ingredients come from, their quality and if they are trustworthy to be included in the final product. They partner with agriculture companies to ensure they are offering the best natural food;
They are the only ones that produce food with this philosophy in mind with such quality and commitment. They have centuries of experience, and that is why their food is award-winning, and their brand and kitchens are worldly recognized. They don’t make their food for other companies, and the same goes for them – their food is only produced by the official Orijen pet food – it is never outsourced.

Their targeted clients trust them because of their excellent reputation across pet-lovers and the media. The effects on pets that their food has is blatantly effective and noticeable in weeks. There just isn’t a competition of the same quality they offer, even when matching prices and shipping, they are still unmatched by being the best.
Their foods are designed to provide true benefits in organic food and meat, and you won’t find over-industrialized components in their diet because that goes against their company’s philosophy.

Their kitchens were not designed to be the biggest and fastest producing in the world; they were intended to be the best in producing the most over-the-quality foods for pets. Not only do they have the best kitchens, but the professionals hired to produce them are some of the best in the market, and are responsible for so many awards won for the best kitchens in producing these dog foods. And also for being the best diet for dogs and cats that focus in evolving together with their evolutionary needs.

Side effects of Orijen dog food

If your pet been suffering from food sensitivities like chicken allergy, we do not recommend this product. Try it if you’re uncertain but if you notice this kind of effect on your dog’s health, search for a more accurate diet they might be offering alongside their products. Like any other eatable that can be allergic to certain dogs, Origen dog food can also cause allergy but that is normal and changing the product always fixes the problem.

If your dog shows signs of sensitivity and allergy, switch diets. It is not an issue with our ingredients, but a matter of adapting to your pets to ensure the best treatment. There are a lot of complaints regarding the change to the Kentucky plant as well, which is causing some pets to get ill. This is because of allergy matters as well, so choosing the most suitable food for your dog is once again, a must.

Where can I buy Orijen dog food?

If you are willing to buy Orijen, you can head over to Online stores right away and order it.

Here are the top five Orijen Dog Food Brands that we Prefer to you.


Orijen dog food – Evolving alongside your pets

It is worldwide known and respected for its slowly and steady receiving reputation in regards to pet foods that focus on the biological needs of your pets. They have the best kitchens in the world, ingredients of natural and trusted origins and know the importance of a fresh, well-prepared meal with ingredients that should be on your dog’s diet all along.

They offer many different dog foods in case your dog has a particular need or an allergy of some sort. These come in a wide variety of options and technical information, and many details can be found on their official website as well as tips and what is the best for your dog, how to choose your dog food and the benefits each one provides.
Reviews of Orijen are overall extremely positive and controversial reviews are all about dog allergies against specific ingredients included in the diet. It is advised to just switch to a different product – the official website has all ingredients included, so it is easy to spot what product is right for your pet in this type of situation. Once switched, if a change for the best is noticed in your pet, you’ve identified a list of possible allergy inducing ingredients in your dog and got rid of the issue.

Orijen has shipped to all places across the world and is initially produced in Canada, as well as now being manufactured in the U.S. Orijen dog food always focuses on the best natural diet for your pets and that is why it is world’s favorite.

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