The Truth About Using Turmeric For Horses

As the world grows interest for natural medicine in the medical field will grow rapidly. You might have heard about organic turmeric and its medicinal values. Turmeric mainly comes from the roots of Curcuma longa plant. From our ancient ages, the rhizome of these plants is  mainly used by humans because of its special healing properties. Traditionally Turmeric’s are used by Chinese as well as Indian to treat a wide range of illness. This turmeric roots can be also used in the case of animals especially in horses because of its properties. So In this article, you will get a good understanding about how feeding turmeric can benefit horses.

We will discuss following things in this article.

  • Main Benefits of turmeric in horses
  • How to prepare and feed turmeric to horses
  • From where you can get turmeric and its side effects.



Lets move on to discuss main benefits of feeding turmeric for horse. Recent studies shows that turmeric is mainly used as effective medicine in horses for arthritis allergies, wounds and as well as various cancers. Results prove that turmeric golden paste can cure wounds and cuts in horses very quickly. If the wound is of any depth Just apply this turmeric golden paste in it, After a month or so you can see the results. Mainly it heals it and continuous applying for an year cause fully repair the wound. This paste can be also applied in humans for healing wounds as its is one of the best you can get.

Now let us discuss how the turmeric works once it is fed to your horse. So once fed tThe turmeric consists of anti oxidant agents which will help your body cells. Mainly by reducing the oxidation effects in cells. Curcumin lowers the histamine levels and increases the production of cortisone especially in adrenal glands. It can also react with cancer cells and can avoid the tumour production also which is the main cause of horse condition called Sarcoid which you will see later.

The greasy heel is another major problem that horse may experience. Mainly it is caused by a bug called Demratophilus congo lenis which is mostly found in our environments. It is an inflammatory condition which occurs in the skin under lower limbs. Some times this can cause infection and also a small discharge as infection progress which is something like a greasy substance. This condition is called greasy heel. So inorder to avoid this normally the turmeric is being fed to them so that Its properties can heal this condition in major cases. So it is a good medicine for greasy heels too.

You might have heard that most important aspect of a horse is their hoof. There is a statement such that “No hoof No horse” that is it the main thing between you and your horse. So inorder to improve the strength and quality of the hoof the turmeric is normally fed to a horse. It reacts and  will reduce infection, inflammation etc also will increase the rate of hoof generation.

Uveitis in horses is another most  common disease in horses. We can say that blindness in horses is caused by the Uveitis. Recent studies identified that feeding turmeric will reduce this situation and has been proved in 3-4 cases. Curcumin content present in turmeric is mainly the reason for  solving uveitis in horses. Luckily in horses

Queensland itch is the another condition related to skin found mainly in horses. Horse will feel itch and after some days you can notice that hair growth in that region will get reduced and hair may start to fall with discoloration. By feeding turmeric can reduce this conditions and lowers the discoloration by a large number. It also helps to growth of hair in that region.

Sarcoids are mainly a headache disease for owners usually seen in horses. These are mainly small tumours which are found in house skin, head, necks etc. Mainly sarcoids can affect the animals from 2-3 years after the birth. Normally it is not much dangerous but it may become a danger if not treated well. Luckily it won’t spread into internal organs of the horse. Normally the virus won’t spread b/w two horses but it can be spread by flies from one wound to another. There are so many techniques commonly practised for treating this sarcoid. The most used technique is fee the turmeric mixture directly to horses. You can use the wet feed for giving the mixture as they won’t be much reluctant to eat.

Equine Melanomas is a condition which is mainly seen in older aged horses. It is a tumour which mainly found in older age grey horses. Normally it will be like a black mole in humans. 80% of the grey horses can be diagnosed with this condition. Sometimes it maybe diagnosed after it spreads in such a situation you have to consult a vet or trainer. But if you can identify melanoma in earlier stages then for preventing further spreading you can feed horses with turmeric. Important characteristics in turmeric can reduce the melanoma production or even can cure it completely.

Liver disorder in the horse is one of the biggest concerns that a vet experience as it will badly affect the performance of your horse. Mainly it leads to the inability to detoxify blood and waste products from the body. Most of the liver diseases seen in the horse will be due to viral, bacterial and fungal infection. So Some of the trainers will use turmeric in order as a treatment to liver diseases. It’s an herbal supplement which can help in liver detoxification, which results in good liver health and healthy horse.

Alzheimer’s Disease – Normally it’s a disease that seen in horses. Mainly it is due the formations of plaques between the nervous cells which can disrupt the brain functioning. Because of the anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties turmeric mainly used against these neuro degenerative diseases and also for avoiding the plaque formation between the nerve cells. In addition, to that, it can be also used for suppressing cataract  and also against fungal infections.

Turmerics can be also used in a horse for cancer treatments or for destroying the carcinogens which are mainly responsible for cancer cells. Mainly it inhibits the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body  and it can also for reducing side effects of chemotherapy  and can enhance some of the agents. Mainly because of the content of curcumin, it can be used fore treating and curing various types of cancer which can be seen in horses.

Summarizing the section Let’s see what all can be cured when you give turmeric to horses.


 Moving on to next, we will now discuss how to prepare turmeric to  feed horses for certain conditions mentioned above.


  • GOLDEN PASTE – As said earlier turmeric paste is mainly used for large wounds and cuts which can cause severe pain and infection. Main ingredient for preparing the turmeric paste is ½ cup of turmeric powder(organic) , a cup of water to mix , a one-third cup of oil (You can use either coconut or olive oil) and finally  half tea spoon of freshly grounded pepper(You can either use or avoid it) Main property of turmeric we want is its absorption properties, so inorder to increase its absorption properties by cooking the above-mixed paste along with grounded as including pepper will increase the effectiveness. First of all, mix the turmeric and water in a gentle heat until it becomes a thick paste, add some oil of your desire and also pepper powder and make it like a paste. And allow it to freeze for 2-3 weeks. After that, you can start using the paste in wounds and cuts in horses.
  • HOME MADE SPRAY (Dougie’s Spray) This one mainly used for the treatment of greasy heels in horses. Normally to heal fungal and bacterial infections. It is normally sprayed in the region affected with infection. To prepare the spray, You need to mix some methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol 300mls with 150 ml of vinegar and add 1 tea spoons of turmeric in it and finally some oil (coconut oil fits the bill) in a spray bottle in a ratio of 2:1 methyl alcohol with vinegar. Spray the solution three or four times daily in the region and you will start to see results of it.
  • FOR SARCOID TREATMENT As we discussed earlier sarcoid are small tumours which is normally found in skin or in any other part of the horse body. So for tackling it generally horse owners feed an mixture along with the wet feed. So for prepare the turmeric mixture first you have to take 10 ml of turmeric, mix it with 5-10 ml of coconut or olive oil and add some peppercorns 1-2 teaspoons. Make the paste mix and then feed the horses by combining it with wet feed. Care must be taken that only use wet feed when you are giving to your horse. Also if you are cooking the turmeric and making it into paste, then its double effective. Also Preserver the mix b/w the feeding times in a refrigerator. Also you can give the give turmeric mix by adding all ingredients into the feed and mixing it all together.. either way it works.

Mainly these are the ways to make a turmeric capable for treatment in horses. Make you sure read steps careful if you are going to make and feed your horse. Care must be taken to note that do not feed your horse these medicine before or after a surgery, or during a ulcer meditations etc. Because sometimes it has a tendency to slow down the blood clot process which is not good. If you have any doubt in giving turmeric to the horse do feel free to ask your vet. Moving on to next section which we discuss mainly about where to get turmeric? Mainly organics turmeric powder what all you need to care about  for selecting good turmeric for treatment.


As everyone knows turmeric is a plant which is very close to nature and a medicine to cure lots of health problems. Because of that, the advantages will be more than side effects caused by it. So it is important that you have to select good organic turmeric for your use rather going behind the duplicate ones. We will give you a brief idea about this in the following section.

The main thing before buying turmeric from an online or local shop is that you must avoid buying artificial turmeric pills that are readily available in the market. Curcumin is an essential part in turmeric medicine mix to cure main problems such as itching, uvetic etc.. But these artificial pills consists of large amount curcumin about 95% which is not good for your horse body. High dose of curcumin can cause oxidative stress and damaged DNA etc.

If you are not going to take the challenge of preparing the turmeric mix, medicines or feed for your horse you can buy it directly from online stores and also local stores as it will be readily available also you can buy from companies that make turmeric with an optimum amount of curcumin also. Also, Remember that prolonged use of turmeric can cause stomach upset as well.

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If you are not preferring to buy online You can just check into local store and look for good and organic turmeric available.


Summarizing the above facts, you will clearly understand how important the use of turmeric in horses for curing major diseases. It is definitely one of the most cheapest plant having lots of medicinal properties for preventing main health problems in horse. As it comes from nature side effects of using turmeric in feed or diet will be less and medicinal values you will get from it will be greater. So definitely as a final note we can say that Turmeric can be put at top of the list in medicines which you can give to your horse without much side effects.

Once again Thanks for reading this article and hope you enjoyed it and feel free to post your suggestion or feedback here. We will definitely answer your queries in short time.

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