Best Cat Litter Reviews – Complete Buying Guide

Perhaps, cats are the second best animals closest to humans next to dogs. They have that interesting appeal of friendliness and charm, are lovable and are easy to groom. They could also be very loyal to their masters and that makes them a very good choice for pet lovers.

On the ugly side, unlike dogs that are needed to be walked around to do their business, cats can do their business on their own. However, this usually ends up with these cats creating a disaster of stinky air. Literally, most cats mess up the house with their unwanted waste lingering all over the place. Aside from this, they need constant care, from cutting their nails to giving them a bath to grooming their furs.

So if you are thinking of owning a cat pet in the near future, it is very essential that you study thoroughly the basic things needed for cat care. That includes most especially, the need to purchase cat litters. This article will provide you with five of the best cat litters in the world.

Best Cat Litter

What is a Cat Litter?

A cat litter is a small box that can be purchased in the market for cat urine and feces. It is actually a tray that has two primary uses. One use of a cat litter is for cat poo and urine. The cat is taken on the tray to do its business so that it does not need to go outside the house to avoid common dangers such as being hit by moving vehicles or human intervention. Another use of a cat litter is when raising kittens that obviously, are too young to explore the world just outside the house.

A cat litter is a big help for households, especially for housewives who want to keep the indoors of the house clean at all times. The litter contains sand-like sediments or granules that absorb the odor and moisture, especially ammonia, from cat urine and feces. This is how it works. The cat sits on the sand-like material to do its business then dig into it to cover the urine or feces.  This saves time and a lot of effort for mothers who want to make their household chores smoothly running. It comes in handy so mothers do not need to clean up after collecting cat poo and pee on the tray.

Cat litters could be made from several types of materials. The conventional cat litter is made up of an absorbent clay material which is similar to that used for absorbing oil spills. This makes a very good choice for cat owners who prefer purchasing less expensive cat litters. The other types of clay litter are made up of zeolite, diatomite, and sepiolite. Zeolites are particles of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen commonly found in desiccant silica gel inside a bottle of vitamins, or inside a new shoe box, or a new bag whose main function is to dissipate moisture in the products and preserve dryness. These types are a bit expensive paralleling their effectiveness to absorb unwanted moisture and strong odor. Other types are made from natural raw materials such as wheat or corn.

What are the Advantages of Cat Litters?

  • Most cat litters are bio-degradable.

Most cat litters sold in the pet shops are biodegradable. Thus, they will decompose and that means that they are environment-friendly. The types of biodegradable cat trays are those made from recycled paper, from natural materials such as wheat, soybean, and corn. The other types of cat litters such as those made from silica and other materials are biodegradable in both soil and water.

  • Cat litters are non-toxic to humans.

Human safety is valuable especially when considering some materials to be taken indoors. Cat litters are non-toxic, although they may have the tendency to contain a high amount of ammonia from cat urine. Cats that do not drink water too often urinate with high ammonia content that could be stored in the tray if not cleaned for a long time. The presence of a high amount of ammonia may be harmful to the respiratory system of the children, and pregnant women so it is advisable to always clean the litter very often. It should also be considered to place the litters to areas that are well-ventilated and with some organic plants.

  • Cat litters are easy to use.

There are two types of cat litters: the clump and the non-clump. In the non-clump litters, the litters are scooped and placed in a plastic bag directly towards the garbage disposals outside the house. In the clumped litters, the clamped portions of the cat litters are taken out and disposed into the garbage bag. The other way to dispose of them is to throw them into a compost pit. Since the litters are biodegradable, they will decompose in time.

Which is a better option, Clumping or Non-Clumping Cat Litter?

Most of the cat litters easily available in the pet market are non-clumping. Non-clumping cat litters are made up of oil-based clay, which may contain baking soda, that absorbs odors and moistures from cat urines and feces. They contain granules that very closely resemble soil such that it is preferred by cats more than the clumping cat litter. Another advantage of a non-clumping cat litter is that it is less expensive. The drawback of this type of litter is that the clay in the litter does not clump when a cat poos or pees. This allows the feces to be in contact with the litter and when not cleaned for a long time, settle at the bottom, and will be harder to wash away; thus, needing replacement.

In clumping cat litters, on the other side, the feces or urine of the cat are immediately clumped around by the clay so it is easier for them to be scooped right to the garbage bags.

Now that we have discussed the preliminaries of the cat litters subject, it is time for you to know the five of the best cat litters in the world.

Five Best Cat Litters that Top the Industry

This section allows you to view five of the best cat litters in the world that you can search online, and are also available for purchase online. The cat litters will be discussed in detail to provide the best possible guide for your decisions.

1. Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter

This cat litter comes in either an 18-lb bag, 20-lb bag or 40-lb bag in most online shops such as Amazon, E-bay, and Chewy. The cost of this cat litter ranges from $10 for the 18-lb and 20-lb bag to about $15 for a 40-lb bag. This cat litter is a clumping litter so it is very convenient for cat owners. Compared to other cat litters, this brand is a little bit inexpensive making it a better choice in terms of economic convenience. The litter is also hypo-allergenic, which means that it is not harmful to the skin. It is perfume-free and deodorants free making it all-natural. The best thing about this cat litter is that it prevents moisture to sift through the bottom of the litter tray so that it is easier to clean up the clumps. It is also 99.9% dust-free and has a heavy, sand-like granule that makes the feces or urine create very little mess. It is best used for mechanical litter trays.

2. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter

As the name suggests, this cat litter brand is especially intended for cats that are hard to be persuaded to get into the tray. It has an A- quality grade in most online reviews which means that it is very efficient and with its reasonable fee of $20 for a 40-lb bag, it is actually a very good choice. It is a great training litter for problematic cats that do not want to come back regularly as with its superior strong odor that attracts them. It is 99.5% dust-free. It is made up of all-natural, biodegradable materials with a special hard-clumping feature to prevent moisture to sift through the bottom of the litter.

3. World’s Best Cat Litter

This cat litter has excellent shopping reviews online.  It can be purchased online in 7-lb for $14 and 28-lb for $26. It is best suited to houses that take care of one or two cats. The best feature of this cat litter is its special quick-clumping formula wherein the urine or feces immediately clump up after the cat is done with its business. It has very tight clay clumping ability and an excellent odor control (similar to the smell of the wood) that is designed for not more than two cats. This cat litter is made from corn kernel which means that it is an all-natural cat litter. The quick clumping works by covering the liquid immediately. Thus preventing moisture and odor to sift through the sides, or to sink through the bottom of the tray is better.

4. Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7Performance Clumping Cat

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance Cat Litter is a quality cat litter that can be purchased at about $20 for 17-lb bag. As its name suggests, this cat litter is lightweight, which means that the performance of a 17-lb bag is roughly equivalent to a 35-lb clumping cat litter, or 50% less weight than the leading brand of cat litters. It has a special a superior 24-hour moisture and odor control that is designed to hold multiple cats in the tray simultaneously. It has hard clumping ability that is essential for effective scooping.

5. Feline Pine Original Litter

Feline Pine Original cat litter is available in online shops at around $17 dollars for a 40-lb bag. Like most of the cat litters mentioned above, this brand is also all-natural. It is perfectly safe for your cats as it is free of chemicals. It can accommodate more than two cats due to its efficient odor control ability. The scoop is similar to a sponge absorbent so that it completely absorbs the liquid. It is also dust-free and has non-tracking performance. This is the only non-clumping cat litter presented on this list that is commendable in the best five.

Recommendations for your Cat Litter Purchases

There are a lot of cat litters available for shopping online that are also efficient and effective. Some of them are more or less expensive than the brands mentioned above. The five names in the list were selected based on the highest online shopping customer reviews, their economic value against their performance, and their special working clumping and non-clumping formula.

Most of these cat litters have a common base. They are all-natural and are free of chemicals that may irritate the skin or cause human respiratory issues. They are all non-toxic for the cats because of their natural ingredients. For the clumping cat litters, all of them have a tight clumping feature that makes it easy for the liquid to be covered without leaks that may seep through the bottom of the box. This ability makes it easy for the clumps to be scooped into the waste bags for the garbage bins or the compost pits.This is very important when coupled with excellent odor control formula because there is no place for that strong ammonia odor from cat urine or the stinking cat poo smell to be roaming inside the house. Their prices also matter because we all want quality performance from products that are also economical. The cat litter products specified is nonetheless, either reasonably cheap or at the right price. For the non-clumping cat litter in the list, it was so selected because of its extreme scooping ability to absorb liquid just like tiny sponges do, preventing too much mess to the box. Aside from that, it is dust-free also and prevents tracking of liquid.

If you have just decided to own a pet cat now or in the future, you know you can rely on the five product brands in the list.

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