Nyjer Seed For Wild Birds – Learn How It Works!

Feeding Birds can be one of the hobbies that you can start if you are boredom in the home alone or if you enjoy the harmony of living with birds. Wild birds such as woodpeckers, sparrows or even hummingbirds can bring a lot of happiness for you and beauty for your backyard. Just assume that flock of birds are occupying a tree  in your backyard. The happiness which they bring you with their sounds and even some of their activities are always enjoying to watch. Mainly its starts with feeding seeds to one or two coming into the home. So Here we discuss how nyjer seeds for wild birds helps for it ?.
Before we start talking about Nyjer seeds Many people who reading can develop a doubt in their mind what’s the importance of it ?. We will discuss that first.

Main Benefits of Feeding Wild birds. 

As an educational Purpose – Bird watching is one of the most common hobbies people will do. Some might take it as a research of things such as varieties of bird species, food that birds can eat, different types of birds coming in every season and also you can learn about the behaviours sounds etc.. Overall we can say it can be used for educational research purposes.
Pollination of Flowers – Pollination is most import aspect of nature. Birds can largely help pollination. By this, you will luxurious flower bed and also bird-friendly landscape. It helps in your effort of gardening to make it bird friendly.
Insect and Weed control –  Birds can help us in controlling weeds and insects that may cause damage your garden. Some insects can drink the juice inside plants or some others can eat leaves which cause reduced health of your plants.  These all scenarios can be avoided if you can attract wild birds. They will eat small insects that cause damage and make healthier plants as your know Birds are really better to kill them than using an artificial pesticides or weedicides.

For photography Purposes –  Photographers love birds as they can capture best moments in their life with wild birds. Birds such as the hummingbird, sparrows or woodpeckers can make your click best. Especially when you are a painter. Birds help painters to portrait their perfect paintings etc. So feeding birds can help these people a lot.
Mainly these are the benefits you will get when you feed birds which come your home. apart from all these yu can also help them to rebuild their colonies which destroyed when your house is built up or even a shelter for them.
Now we will discuss what is a nyjer seed and how it benefits for wild birds?

Nyjer Seeds for Wild Birds

Nyjer seeds are mainly from African daisy which is rich in oil content which can be fed to some species of wild birds. Nyjer seeds are very expensive to buy. Niger plants are mainly seen in Ethiopia and also in some parts of India from around thousand years. The flowers of niger plants are yellowish in colour As its very expensive the one who feeds the seeds will use feeders to avoid the accident spilling.  Mainly species Goldfinches and tits are attracted by Niger seeds. Becuase of its oil-rich nature it produces a pleasant smell which is most liked by goldfinches as well as tits. Let us examine which all birds are mainly attracted by Nyjer Seeds

  • Gold Finch
  • Red Poll
  • Chaffinch
  • Green Finch
  • Bull Finch
  • Collared doves
  • House Sparrows
  • Feral Pigeons
  • Indigo buntings
  • Lesser goldfinches
  • Mourning doves
  • Pine siskins
  • Purple finches
  • Song sparrows
These bird attracted by Nyjer seeds will become  regular visitors to you home when it fed continuously and you can make a colony of birds. As told earlier Oil rich contents attracts these birds rather than any seed. It can take a long time to attract these birds, but sometimes it may be very quick. So Let see what it has and main contents which attract the birds.
The main thing is that it is a really high energy source for backyard birds.it provides rich nutritional contents. if we analyse the contents 35% of it is fat which makes oily and 18% of it is protein. It also consists of 18% fibre and 12% moisture, so no wonder why its is highly rich in nutrients.This component together makes nyjer seed as winter food for birds Birds require higher calories  for storing fats in cold temperatures. because of this, it perfectly fits the bill for backyard birds. So no wonder why Nyjer seeds are best for birds especially for species like Finches and sparrows.

How to feed Nyjer Seeds to Birds?

Sometimes owners are very reluctant to buy nyjer seed for feeding especially because it is costly mainly due to import duty and taxes. In fact, t is one of the most expensive bird feed you will get in the market. But buying nyjer seeds in bulk quantities can be cost effective which definitely helps your budget. Another advantage is that it can be stored in a cool place for weeks even if you have excessive seeds.

So How we can use it efficiently so as to attract birds ?. The main trick used by birders for this is by mixing the Nyjer seeds with one they normally feed. As you know sometimes birds will be reluctant to come or eat if it is not liked by birds. In this case, You have to mix a half cup of normal seeds with Nyjer seeds and in a specialized feeder and then place it. Birds will be attracted either to normal or nyjer seeds and after some days you can see a colony in making. For small birds place seeds on wire mesh feeder or nylon mesh socks or even tube feeders with narrow ports so that small finches can able to hang or cling on and can feed on it. But still there is a chance that while eating seeds may be spilled and  littered on the ground which is ver hard to see especially because of its costly nature. So It a good practice to place a newspaper or even a platform so that littering can be avoided.

Sometimes you can see birds can be more acrobatic in eating seed they can hang upside down to feed on ports under the feeder. The types mainly called as upside down feeders, which is really good one. So that other birds won’t intervene eating from another side. It really good to watch.

Some of the best feeders you can get in the market are following.
  • Flip Top Nyjer Mesh Bag
  • Duncraft Classic Nyjer Tube
  • All-Weather Nyjer Tube
  • Duncraft Nyjer Selective Feeder
  • Super Spiral Nyjer Feeder
  • Copper Spiral Nyjer Feeder
  • All Steel Magnum Nyjer Feeder
Nyjer seed normally called as black gold have to handle ver carefully during the bird feeding, it should be offered in a specially designed feeder so that to avoid spilling. So You have to make note of above before starting the nyjer seed feeding to birds.

Where do I buy Nyjer Seeds for birds?

From Gold finches to ground feeding species of birds such as  sparrows and doves like nyjer seeds as their food. So where do we actually get nyjer seeds? or how we can select good nyjer seeds which will be discussed here. Mainly Nyjer seeds can be purchased either as separate or it is available as mix also in local shops also.

If you are buying nyjer seeds from shop Make sure that its is not dull or not too many brown seeds are mixed with black seeds as it may be too old or even can be overheated. If its overheated the oily property of seeds may be lost. Make sure to buy only rich shiny black seeds as it contains some rich oil nutrients which are required for birds.

Nyjer seeds are available online also. Make sure to check ingredients before you buy it, Especially online stores like amazon provides it. Make sure you buy it from genuine manufacturers and with high ratings.

Other Facts about Nyjer Seed for Birds

  • In order to prevent the germination process, Nyjer seeds are treated.
  • Sometimes Nyjer seeds can become rotten which birds do not like. So ou must check feeders regularly and clean it.
  • Check whether the seeds are dried, because too much dryness makes bird reluctant to eat it.
  • As said turtles and doves also like Nyjer seed because of its rich nutrient and oily content.
  • It helps birds to withstand their body from cold temperatures by storing excessive fat in their body.
  • Goldfinches and Siskins only love nyjer seeds from Ethiopia and America. Make sure you get right nyjer before feeding.
  • Keep an eye on Bird feeders so that while feeding it doest spill out and, latter on, ground, As its called Black Gold it is very expensive and may affect your budget.


Bird Watching and feeding are a hobby which can make your place beautiful and your mind very pleasant. Sometimes You will get lots of joy in your life by seeing this variant of birds in your yard. Nyjer seeds commonly known as Black gold helps you in this process and helps to make a bird colony in your backyard which will attract visitors to your home and sometimes you may be just be helping them to build their destroyed colony. As we all know Nature presents us with some of the greatest scenarios and things which we might never experience. Birds can help you for witnessing some of it. As we said earlier backyard birds can help you for a lot of things. We definitely think you will try out some of the things mentioned here. Hope you enjoyed reading it.For any doubts and clarification, you can comment below or contact us through mail.We will definitely address your query as soon as we can.


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