Acana Dog Food – The Only Guide You Need

For over 25 years, Acana has brought innovative products for dogs. The brand is one of the best foods brands for dogs there are on the market. They care about your dog as much as you care, making them happy and healthy. Their most important ingredient is protein, which is excellent for dogs that are carnivorous by nature. Using fresh ingredients grown locally, they assure the best quality.Also, they have a strong commitment to local communities, supporting sustainable productions.

Benefits of Acana Dog Food

Acana is committed 100% to bringing natural food to your dog. The formula they are using is rich in protein content making it a real meal to nourish your pet. That is paramount since dogs are carnivorous by nature. We must not feed them with vegetables only, or with dog food that comes with a high vegetable content. That will ensure that our pets lack the right nutrients to grow healthy and live the for the longest time.

Besides being made mostly from meat content, Acana has fresh meat with a variety of options for your pets. They will be nourished with many different types of meat to enrich their meals in every serving. The inclusion of a high content of fresh meat also ensures that no artificial substances are damaging your dog’s digestive system. But most of all the fact that Acana is using meat that is obtained the traditional way will benefit your dog extensively.

The Acana brand is a certified dog food producer. They meet all pet food standards and current regulations. It is easy to digest, and even the pickiest breeds accept it quickly. The energy your dog gets out of Acana is incredible.All the natural ingredients of the Acana food will ensure your dog gets the fewer carbohydrates and other glycemic content that are not good for his health. You cannot trust a company that gets food full of fillers that add nothing but fat to your dog. The issues rarely come immediately, but with time, they accumulate fat and get other health problems arise. Most cheap dog foods do such tricks, and you must beware of using them.

Ingredients in Acana Dog Food

The ingredients in all Acana Dog Food are the best quality locally grown ingredients. It is real food for your beloved pet. Depending on the variety you chose, the proteins can come from chicken, fish, lamb, beef, or pork. Next, we will go through all the ingredients in the Acana Dog food, to let you know how they have mixed the ingredients to make them count for your dog’s nutrition. Here are the insights.

The meat made out of fish comes from fresh pieces of the best quality. It is 24% herring meal in combination with 23% steel-cut oats, and 10% fresh Pacific herring, with a small amount (6%) of fresh flounder.

Essential oils are the best of the meals that are made of fish. They will benefit your dog’s coat and skin, keeping them shiny and beautiful. The regular meal has 6% oil, including herring oil, and cold-pressed canola oil.

When the meat is made out of chicken, it has 25% chicken meal, 23% steel-cut oats, 5% fresh chicken meat, and another 5% of raw chicken giblets including liver, kidney, and heart. If the main ingredient is lamb, then it includes 23% of lamb meat meal, 22% of steel-cut oats, 5% of fresh Angus beef, 5% of fresh Yorkshire pork, and a 5% of lamb fat. These combinations give the right amount of nutrients to your dog, balancing all there is to take from the meat of different origins.

Other ingredients in the formula are fresh silver hake, red lentils, green peas, green lentils, garbanzo beans, yellow peas, oats, sun-cured alfalfa, lentil fiber, and dried brown kelp. They also add fresh ingredients like pumpkin, butternut squash, parsnips, green kale, spinach, carrots, red apples, Bartlett pears, cranberries, and blueberries. All these elements add vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is essential for the absorption of nutrients for your dog.

Some supplements added to the natural ingredients of the formula to enrich your dog’s meal in the Acana food are Vitamins A, B5, D3, and E. also, it has chlorine chloride, zinc, and chelate. All these will eliminate any deficiency your dog may have, making him grow healthy and vigorous.

In sum, all the previous ingredients give your dog the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids they would find in the wild. To prepare them for the pet’s life, they are also given some botanical ingredients, which are the perfect complement in Arcana Dog Foods.

Our analysis only covers in detail the regular food line of Acana. However, the philosophy for all their formulas is the same regarding quality and a number of fresh ingredients and real protein sources they give to your pet. Either it is a preparation for a puppy, for a large breed, for a senior, or for a very active dog, they all have the same amount of natural, fresh, and real protein ingredients. The difference is the balance to fulfill particular needs regarding vitamins and minerals.

What special in Acana Dog food compared with other dog foods

The Acana Dog Food compared with other options is of a higher quality and with the right mix of ingredients so that you have a healthy dog.

Unlike other dog foods that mostly contain fillers, Acana can be considered light. It is perfect for dogs that are overweighed, since it provides nutrients, reducing the level of hunger your pet usually has. That way, he will eat better, and meals of better quality. Giving your dog fewer carbs also will help. But most of all, the boost of energy your dog receives from the Acana Dog Food will make him move all over the place, burning those excessive calories. All these benefits are hardly found in other brands. They don’t understand how to nourish your dogs and focus mostly on filling his hunger, not in feeding his body.

Another benefit of Acana over other dog foods that are very popular on the market is that they have a no grain policy. The producers of Acana Dog Food are acutely aware of the harm grain fillers can do in the long run. This is why they avoid them so that there is no risk for your dog of any kind.

Drawbacks of giving Acana Dog Food

The main drawback when you give Acana Dog Food to your pet is that it will initially affect your budget if you had not considered the cost of truly high-quality food for your dog. It is more expensive than other brands that sell similar packages but with lower quality and mostly fillers to lower the price tag. Acana doesn’t do that. They have not entered the price war in dog food, maintaining their quality.

Another drawback is when you are not sure which is the right formula for your dog. Some options are straightforward, like puppy and senior. However, how do you know your dog needs the sport and agility formula, or the light and fit? There is no clear notice on how to make a choice. Most people chose just the standard, disregarding that other formulas could be better for their dogs.

Finally, the many flavors in the Acana Dog Food can be an issue. Some dogs are not willing to change the flavor, and when we change it without further notice, our dog will stop eating. In that case, it is not the formula what is wrong, but the flavor that your dog doesn’t like. The problem there is that despite you can go back to the previous, there is no refund on dog food, and therefore, you would have to give away an absolutely good pack of meal that your dog didn’t like. Most customers give Acana Dog Food a good customer review. Few state that their dogs were not eating, and it is because they chose the wrong flavor.

When you change your dog’s regular diet to the Acana Dog Food, some users report having issues like vomiting. Since Acana is a very different kind of meal, your dog may go through a sort of detox period. During this time, he will free the toxins that have filled his body for years eating other kinds of food. To avoid severe discomforts, add Acana Dog Food to his diet slowly, letting his system readjust to the healthy diet.

If your dog pet has a particular health condition, like liver or kidney problems, should not eat dog food rich in protein content. This is because protein makes the most use of these organs, causing an increased stress that can worsen their condition. That doesn’t mean that your dog should not eat proteins. In fact, if your pet is in perfect health, it will benefit out of a high protein diet extensively. The problem is for those dogs that are not well, and need to recover. In such cases, you must find a different menu than the one Acana Dog Food has to offer.

For other health conditions, the Acana Dog Food has proved to be an excellent aid to recover good health. The high nutritional content, plus the few added vitamins and minerals are the key to preserve your dog in good health and recover in case of a problem.

Where to Buy Acana Dog Food

If you look for a retail store to get Arcana Dog Food, make use of the store locator at Acana website. It will identify your current location, and show you a map with the most convenient locations near your area. In case you don’t find any nearby store, or if you want to get Acana Dog Food at your doorstep without going out yourself, another choice is to order it online.


Your dog pet deserves only the best dog food. And that is precisely what Acana Dog Food can provide to your beloved pet. The fact that he is correctly nourished and preventing overweight and unwanted diseases is priceless. The money you are saving with other cheaper options will soon go away in medical bills. But all the pain you and your dog will experience is something that cannot be paid with any money in the world.  If you think it that way, the price of the Acana Dog Food will not seem as much as it does when you make a direct comparison with other products of the same kind.

We highly recommend you to change your dog’s diet to Acana. Just do it slowly, and take lead steps. Buy a small package of Acana Dog Food to find out if it is the right flavor for your pet. Then, introduce it slowly to his diet to make a smooth change.


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