Grain Free Dog Food – All You Need To Know

Dogs have been adopted by men, and ever since we are changing their habits. At first, dogs had a diet mostly composed of meat, which was consistent with their original diet as they were wild. As time passes, we have changed their diet to fit more ours. The problem is that not everybody is aware of the nutrition required by pets like dogs.

In the last century, the popularization of kibble food for dogs has raised significantly. There are a lot of brands for dog food, but few truly committed to making your dog healthy. The carnivorous nature of dogs is at times neglected, and a lot of fillers are used. One of the most common cases is using grains. This practice started around the world war years in which alternatives to feed dogs lead to the cheapest dog food formulas. Most of these formulas were dry food for dogs that were complemented with grains, which were the most affordable and available food at the time.

But those days when it was needed to have some sort of cheap food for pets are gone. Nutrition is important now, and not to get high amounts of cheap food. We have prepared this article to create awareness. Grain free dog food is a choice of meals for dogs that may focus better on the actual nutritional needs of your pet. However, there is much more behind it. Next, we will go through all the details.

Benefits of Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free dog food is a way to go back to the natural style of dogs. In ancient times, when dogs were not yet fully domesticated, they were hunted. That means that raw proteins from their preys were the main ingredient of their diet. Not all grain free dog food has a good balance of healthy ingredients for your pet. However, there are many more grain free dog food formulas that contain a better mixture of ingredients.

By having a mix of components closer to the natural diet of dogs, you are helping them promote their health. Your best friend’s body is designed to process meals in a particular way. Being closer to the composition of their original diet, you are promoting the regular function of their digestive system. In the long run, that will add a lot of benefits that are no easily achieved otherwise.

Here is a list of the most significant benefits of grain free dog food. This is a non-all-inclusive list, but it can give you a broad idea of what to expect on a grain free product.

  • Grain free dog food is related to the reduction of allergies on dogs.
  • It gives your pet more energy.
  • Less flatulencies
  • Shedding is significantly reduced.
  • The breathing functions are enhanced.
  • The stools of your dog will be of a better consistency, and of the right size.
  • Your dog will feel satisfied with less food.
  • Your dog’s skin and coat will look healthier and with increased

It is paramount to note that not every dog food free of grains will be as beneficial. It must not just contain no fillers, but also have good quality proteins in around 40% to 50% of the formula. The secret to the best dog food is to have balance.

Ingredients in Grain free dog food

The ingredients in grain free dog food may change from one product to another. Going for this sort of dog food option only ensures there are no corn, whey, or soy as the main components of the formula. This ensures that the food is not just a filler for your pet with few real value. However, there is no guarantee the food has a proper balance.

The best way to go is to look for a dog food choice that has natural ingredients. That way you will not be feeding your pet with chemicals and potentially harmful substances. Proteins are better when they come from raw chickens, fish, lambs, beef, or pork. The best approach is to have no animal by-products and loads of balance, even with guts and fat, which would be found in a prey if your dog was hunting it.

As omnivorous animals, dogs also eat fruits and vegetables. Despite these are not the main components of their diet, they are also important to add some vitamins and minerals missing in just meat. Having around 50% vegetables and fruits is recommended. Again, the selection must be meaningful. Too much of something is not recommended, and balance to achieve the best nutritional factor is required.

Despite having a good balance, most brands still add supplements. If you are evaluating dog food for your beloved pet, our best recommendation is to go as natural as possible. Nevertheless, certain nutrients that are hardly found in raw food can be added. Some examples are:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E

By adding these essential nutrients, you are promoting good health and enriching the potential of your pet. In sum, you must look for a grain free dog food that also has the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your pet could find in raw food if it were hunting. That is the best way to maintain a pet in good health, as it is like when your dog used to live in the wild.

What is special in Grain free dog food compared to other dog foods?

The grain free dog food compared with other options is usually considered to be of a higher quality. When it has the right mix of ingredients, it actually provides benefits to your pet’s health.Considering that grains are used as fillers, there are greater chances to have a better combination of grain free dog food than with other options.

The reduction of carbs coming from grains makes some people consider grain free dog food as a light meal. Therefore, it can be the perfect choice if your dog is overweighed, providing more nutrients than food with grains. It will also help to reduce how much hunger your pet usually has. As a consequence, it is going to eat meals of a better quality.

The added nutritional value on your dog’s food will make it boost its energy. With a higher energy level, your dog is going to burn even more calories, as it will have the stamina to move all around the place. You must correspond to this higher energy and take it out for walks. Playing with your dog is also advisable. Understanding the right way to nourish your pet starts with grain free dog food, but it doesn’t stop there. It is a combination of other ingredients that nourish his body overall. The benefits are shown in the long term, taking your dog to a safer place, by reducing the risks of meals with grains and fillers.

Drawbacks of giving Grain free dog food

The main drawback if you go 100% grain free with your dog’s meals is that the food for your dog will cost you more. The cost of nutritional food with high value is generally greater than food with fillers. Grains are used because they add mass at a low cost. By eliminating grains and putting other ingredients instead, it is natural that the price tag goes up.

Another drawback of grain free dog food is that the fact that it has no added grains does not guarantee the quality. The other ingredients could not be the best for your pet. That being said, you must be very careful when selecting your next grain free dog food. Some of the options you will find on the market have by-products or not a right balance for your dog. You must also look for a formula that suits your dog’s age, activity level, and breed. When it comes to dogs, there is no standard. Even the size of your pet will change its need of certain nutrients. By carefully choosing your dog food’s formula with your pet in mind, you will ensure you are giving the best possible nutrition to your pet, who is truly going to get the benefits.

If you have a dog who has been eating dog food with certain ingredients, grains included, and you suddenly change it, he might experience some difficulties. As dogs have lived for years with kibbles with fillers, they adapt. We are not saying that a formula with fillers is now the best for that particular dog. However, when it suits it, then you must be careful if you want to change your pet’s diet.

The moment you chose to go grain free on your dog’s food proceed with caution. You don’t want your dog to experience stomach issues. What you should do is to change it gradually. Our recommendation is to do a change within two weeks, mixing an increasing amount of grain free dog food with your pet’s regular kibbles. Start with the substitution of 10% of your dog’s regular food and increase the volume by 10% each day. By the end of 10 days, you will have shifted to a more nutritional food gradually.

For pets with certain health issues, you must be careful with the formula you choose of grain free dog food. For kidney problems and diseases that affect the liver, it is better to take it easy with the protein content. You don’t want to stress the damaged organs. Some brands offer special diets for dogs with this sort of problems. Look for the right combination, and ask your vet for help.

Where to Buy Grain Free Dog Food

Grain free dog food is becoming very popular. You can find it practically everywhere. The retail store counters have now shelves full of plenty of options for different brands, prices, quality, and types. Be careful when you select a grain free package. All the food options available on the market have different nutritional content, and not all of them are the right choice for your dog. Make a careful examination before you make your mind.

Another option to buy grain free dog food is to do it online. Practically all online stores have all brands and types of food. The convenience of getting it online is that it will be delivered to your home. For some people, that is more convenient than taking it themselves from a retail store.


Gran free dog food is one step forward in your search of the right dog food. It could provide a high nutritional content if you chose the brand and formula right. By feeding your pet with high-quality food, you will prevent weight issues and diseases that can be painful.

It is true that most grain free dog food, particularly the one made with high-quality ingredients has a higher price tag than other dog food that is full of fillers (grains). After all, adding grains has a lot to do with the cost of producing your pet’s meal. In the long term, the money you save in cheap meal you will pay to your vet trying to fix what went wrong with your dog. Prevention is always less expensive, as going through a severe disease will not just be costly, but also painful.

Finally, and if your pet is already engaged with dog food with grains, change its diet slowly. If you do it abruptly, your pet might feel stomach issues.

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